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Have you accumulated multiple pension pots with different providers? Are you struggling to manage them all? If so, then consolidating them into one easy to manage place may be the best way forwards.

A simpler way to manage your money

If you’ve had several jobs during your career, the chances are that you have more than one pension pot. Managing multiple pensions can be confusing and time consuming.

Pension consolidation (combining your pension pots together under one roof) is a simpler way to take control of your pension savings.

Having all your pensions in one place makes it easier to see how much you’ve got and how well your investments are performing. Plus, moving to a new plan could give you better performance and reduced fees, resulting in more money for retirement.  

However, you must always make sure you will not be giving up valuable guarantees or benefits or be hit with excessive exit fees by moving your money.

George Square can help you track down old or lost pensions, assess whether a pension consolidation is right for you and then handle the switching process. 

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