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Pension Advice & Retirement Planning

Helping you to plan for a secure future

Expert pension advice for a comfortable retirement

Despite some people’s best efforts, the ageing process catches up with us all. And, when it does so, we all hope that we’ve made adequate provision. This is where specialist pension advice from George Square Financial Management will help.

Retirement planning for a secure future

From pensions to ISAs, income protection to inheritance tax, we will talk you through all aspects of retirement planning and help you identify the most tax-efficient way of saving for retirement and protecting your wealth, whatever your age, circumstance and requirements.

Our experienced financial advisers will work closely with you to understand your current position and establish your future needs and wants. We will then guide you through a comprehensive planning process to establish the best pathway to achieve your retirement goals.

Specialist pension advice

Whether you’re looking to start a pension or approaching retirement, our specialist pension advisers can provide a clear picture of what your pension pot will look like, how much you need to save, and advise if any further provision is needed to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Perhaps you require assistance with a specific pension issue or want a full review of all your schemes with a view to consolidation. Maybe you are unhappy with how your pension has performed or you want to know how best to optimise it. If you are looking to retire soon or have recently retired, we can help you ensure you access your pension savings in the most tax-efficient way. Whatever you need, we are here to help:

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